We produce healthy products!

At some point in your life, you've probably heard of the word dopamine. There’s also a fair chance that no one ever told you what dopamine really is. To give you the simplest definition, dopamine is generally known as the “feel good” chemical, a neurotransmitter in our brain that acts as a reward system. When dopamine is released, we feel sensations of pleasure and satisfaction.

Now, we all need some dopamine to stay healthy. When we lack a sufficient amount of dopamine in our systems, we experience effects such as mood swings, fatigue, depression, low sex drive, rapid weight gain, low self-esteem, and more. You wouldn’t want that, would you? That said, it is absolutely crucial that people make an effort to obtain as much dopamine as possible.

DAUSEN is the #1 company that turns mobile accessories into a visual source of dopamine. The company was founded in 2010 with one firm goal: To make the best mobile accessories and to give people the best experience while using technology. In just a decade, DAUSEN has grown into something more than just a company that makes mobile accessories, something more than just specs and performance, something that has a much more meaningful purpose than before. Today, DAUSEN’s goal is to guide people into achieving their best lives and having the best experience possible in this world.

The most common ways people get dopamine are from playing sports, listening to music, laughing, and eating certain foods. But what are some other ways to obtain dopamine? You see, most of the ways of obtaining dopamine listed above are very time consuming if they were to become daily routines, and much of the foods that help us release dopamine could be detrimental to our health if consumed at an excess amount. To solve this problem, an alternative source of dopamine is needed, and to your luck, there is one: A visual source of dopamine.

Think about the number of hours you spend on your phone everyday. Chances are, that number is probably way higher than you are willing to admit. So why not utilize that number and use it as the number of hours a day you spend obtaining dopamine? Sounds convenient right?

So... Just how will our solution work? Let’s get right into it.

Utilizing color psychology and semiotics, DAUSEN developed a symbol that combines the color orange and the dopamine formula symbol. Not only does it represent what we stand for, but it positively affects the users of our products! You see, there’s a mutually triggering effect of the dopamine symbol, and that is once you learn what the dopamine symbol is and what it stands for, you’ll actually start to secrete dopamine just simply from looking at it! Sounds amazing, right? But it’s true. For this very reason, DAUSEN incorporates its dopamine logo onto all of its products, knowing that by using our products, users will start to secrete large amounts of dopamine, and slowly they will transform into much more happy, motivated, productive, and confident individuals. They will no longer be prone to the negative effects of dopamine deficiency. Their mental health will be much better regulated, and as a result, they will live much healthier lives in the long run. We firmly believe that to be healthy is the ultimate happiness.

We have a very simple yet passionate goal, and that is to spread positivity around. We invest all of our passion and love into positively influencing as many lives as we possibly can. With your participation, this reality can come sooner. So, while you are enjoying dopamine, don’t forget to spread it around!