48W Dual-Port Wall Charger - UK

48W Dual-Port Wall Charger

48 Watt PD + QC3.0

Using the most up to date charging technologies, USB-C PD (Power Delivery), USB-A QC3.0 (Quick Charge Technology), the powerful 48W wall charger can be applied to any mobile phone, tablet, notebook computer, and any mobile accessory. Designed to meet your charging needs, this wall charger will meet the highest level of charging one could possibly find today.


Color: White
Model No. DS-EA187UK

Decorate Your Home with Color and Happiness

Home, the most important space to our survival. Thousands of years ago during ancient times, the sole purpose of a home was to shelter from wind, rain, and other disasters. But because of our progress and development, our homes now have extended their purposes, such as entertainment, work, and even exercise. We always try to have the best quality items in our homes. DAUSEN Dopamine Wall Charger enhances the happy atmosphere at home, and beautifully decorates the environment simultaneously.

Build Your Own Charging Station

Where is your mobile phone charger? In the kitchen, at the bedside, at the desk, or in the living room? DAUSEN Dopamine Wall Charger. As long as you can see it, there is a sense of joy and happiness. Any place that doesn’t look right to you at home? Change it, and make it your charging station.

Say Goodbye to Slow Charging

I was in a hurry to go out, but the battery level of my phone was very low. Ugh! Often we have no way to predict when we will need to go out, and the problem of our phone having no power is really unbearable. DAUSEN Dopamine Wall Charger can fully charge your mobile phone in a short time. The time it takes for you to put on your shoes, the power will have already increased by a few percent.

The Essential Travel Charging Bag

Whether for business talks, meetings, or travels, everyone has their own charging bag to charge mobile phones and other digital devices. Small in size, large in power, dual-port output, dopamine charger. You never have to worry about charging when you go out.

Universal Fast Power Charge

Dual-port wall charge comes with a USB-C PD port and a USB-A Quick Charging (QC3.0) port. With total output power of 48W, it gives your devices a full-speed charge. This wall charger made for iPhone 13 series / 12 Mini / 12 / 12 Pro / 12 Pro Max / SE / 11 / 11 Pro / 11 Pro Max / XS / XS Max / XR / X / 8 Plus / 8, for iPad Pro / Air, for Macbook Pro, Air, for Samsung Galaxy S22, for Note 20 and all series.

Vitamin Sized Orange With Unlimited Power

Between the moment you wake up and the moment you leave the house every day, how much of the color orange do you see? The color orange can affect people and make them happier, more confident, and more passionate. Even if it’s as simple as the color of your coffee mug, the contribution that orange can do to your body and mind is stunning when you repeatedly visit the color.


How our products bring you happiness and good health


How Long Have You Not Recharged Yourself?

You may be unsure, but how many times do you charge your phone everyday? We all fear that cursed moment. The moment where we desperately need our phone, only to find it out of power. Now when was the last time you charged your phone? DAUSEN Dopamine Wall charger, with every charge of the phone, you recharge yourself as well.


Let’s Make Charging Easier

Each Dausen wall charger is designed to meet the highest industry protection standard for long time use. The over charger protection, over current protection, over temperature production, over voltage protection and short circuit production ensure your safety use everyday.

  • Dual-port wall charge comes with a Type-C PD port and a USB A Quick Charging(QC3.0) port. With total output power of 48W, it gives your devices a full-speed charge.

  • Two-in-one design allows you to charge two of your devices simultaneously.

  • Compatible with all electronic devices that rely on Type-C and USB A for power.

  • Worldwide voltage compatibility (AC 100V-240V) with safety certificates.

  • Built-in intelligent protection against overcurrent, overvoltage, overheating and short circuit.

  • Premium, compact and portable.


Input: AC 100-240V, 50/60Hz

Output A: Type-C PD (5V/3A, 9V/2A, 15V/2A, 20V/1.5A)

Output B: USB A QC3.0 (5V/3A,9V/2A, 12V/1.5A)

Total output: 48W max

Material: PC

Dimensions: 62*62*32mm

Weight: 146g

Plug type: UK

Protection: OVP, OCP, Shortcut circuit, Over temperature protection



48W Dual-Port Charger (US)

48W Dual-Port Charger (EU)

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