Stainless Steel Type-C Charging Cable

Stainless Steel Type-C Charging Cable

Charge & Sync

The Stainless Steel USB-C charging cable is built with a top tier cable conductor. Replacing the old Micro-USB, USB-C is currently the most common method of charging for mobile devices and tablets. The USB-C connector achieves a much higher level of charging than the old Micro-USB connector. The cable is compatible with any digital device that is charged by a USB-C connector. This USB-C cable is designed to keep up with the trend of USB-C charging. At 120 cm long, the length ensures your convenience when going out.


Model No. DS-CU625

Beyond The Charging Cable

When DAUSEN was in the process of converting a visual act into the secretion of dopamine, the primary task was to add visual aspects onto the functional aspects of the product in order for people to gain dopamine from their daily use of charging devices.

Say Goodbye to Untidy Cables

In our newest charging cable, we incorporated the most high-grade materials in our design. In designing the tubing of the cable, we used modern stainless steel spiraling technology to achieve a shiny and smooth touch to the surface of the cable. The weighted stainless steel also ensures that cable sticks tidily to the surface. Time to say goodbye to untidy cables.

Designed for Fast Charging & Quick Syncing

Dausen Dopamine USB-C cable provides wide compatibilities for smartphones, tablets, and other electronic devices. Perfect for your home, office, car, or anywhere you need to sync music, photos, data or charge your devices.

Vitamin Sized Orange With Unlimited Power

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How our products bring you happiness and good health


The Cable That Brings You Positive Atmosphere

A person’s health and happiness are without a doubt closely related. To be in a happy state brings out a healthy sunshine-like aura. In order to achieve happiness, people often need tools to help them get there. The products that we develop has a primary goal of providing peopled with an effective tool that helps people produce dopamine, planting the happiness element. A simple charging cable can bring you all sorts of happy experience.

Your Phone Needs A Good Charging Cable

Mobile phones are very essential in our work and life, that’s why we spend so much time finding the most suitable phone to purchase. Treating your mobile phone to a good charging cable can not only improve the charging efficiency, but also extend its service life.


A Strong Cable Worth Owning

Tested to survive 10,000+ bends, built with aluminum housing, these USB-C charge cables are built to withstand the most rigorous daily use. Your days of constantly replacing your cables are over.

  • This premium stainless steel metal braided cord is tangle-free and robust, extending the cable lifespan to a large extent.

  • This stainless steel cable can sustain a maximum tension of 60N (6.2 kg), the most durable cable for your charging choice ever.

  • Type-C cable ensures the best performance while charging and syncing.


Connector Types: USB to USB-C

Power Rating: DC 5V/2.4A, 9V/1.33A, 12V/1A

Transfer Speed: USB2.0 / 480 Mbps

Cable Length: 120cm / 4ft.

Cable material: Stainless steel braid

Housing Material: Aluminum

Warranty: 3 Years

Certificate: CE / Rohs



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