Nylon Braided Type-C to MFi Lightning Charging Cable

Nylon Braided Type-C to MFi Lightning Charging Cable

Charge & Sync

Made with top tier level cable conductor, the USB-C PD is Apple’s latest charging function. MFi certified, meaning that the product uses the latest charging connector manufactured by Apple’s original factory. With this product, you will reach a new level of charging speed while ensuring the safety of your products at the same time. At 120 cm long, the length ensures your convenience when going out.


Model No. DS-CU628

Beyond The Charging Cable

When DAUSEN was in the process of converting a visual act into the secretion of dopamine, the primary task was to add visual aspects onto the functional aspects of the product in order for people to gain dopamine from their daily use of charging devices.

So Strong That It's Reassuring

Assembled with a 4-strand nylon braid, aluminum-magnesium alloy connector, the Nylon Braided Cables provide durability no matter the occasion. The length of the cable is longer than the average charging cable by about the lengths of two fists, eliminating the frustration of cables that are too short.

Designed for iPhone, iPad Fast Charging

The Dausen Dopamine charging cable is made in accordance with the iPhone’s fast charging specifications. With the Dopamine charging cable charging the iPhone, charging speed can be increased by up to 30% faster than standard charging cable.

Vitamin Sized Orange With Unlimited Power

Between the moment you wake up and the moment you leave the house every day, how much of the color orange do you see? The color orange can affect people and make them happier, more confident, and more passionate. Even if it’s as simple as the color of your coffee mug, the contribution that orange can do to your body and mind is stunning when you repeatedly visit the color.


How our products bring you happiness and good health


The Cable That Brings You Positive Atmosphere

A person’s health and happiness are without a doubt closely related. To be in a happy state brings out a healthy sunshine-like aura. In order to achieve happiness, people often need tools to help them get there. The products that we develop has a primary goal of providing peopled with an effective tool that helps people produce dopamine, planting the happiness element. A simple charging cable can bring you all sorts of happy experience.

Your iPhone Needs A Good Charging Cable

Please treat your precious iPhone to a beautiful, high-end cable. In addition to upgrading the charging efficiency to the highest level, it can also prevent damage to the iPhone and extend its battery life.


Use Our MFi Certified Cable

MFi certification stands for Made for iPhone / iPod / iPad. It is a program that producers of Apple accessories (iPhone / iPod / iPad) must go through to have their hardware approved by Apple. A strict process, but your usage safety comes first.

  • This beautiful premium nylon braided cable is tangle-free and durable, withstanding over 15,000 times of bending. With the aluminum alloy connector and reinforced connector neck, it ensures a sturdy connection.

  • Apple MFi certified lightning connection comes with 100% compatibility while charging and syncing your Apple devices. It ensures your Apple devices are charged safely.

  • Supports fast charging with Type-C PD adapters and high speed data transfer.

  • A premium cable for charging your Apple devices in daily life.


Connector Types: USB-C to Lightning

Power Rating: DC 5V/3A, 9V/2A,12V/1.5A

Transfer Speed: USB2.0 / 480 Mbps

Cable Length: 120cm / 4ft.

Cable material: Nylon braided

Housing Material: Aluminum

Warranty: 3 Years



Nylon Braided Type-C

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